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become a rockstar ;)

i ve joined up an existing band a few weeks ago. One of their songs (or should i say our song?, no not yet) is listed on the mp3 charts :-): lookout for a band named “Find Your Mind” 🙂

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Microsoft ISA Server 2004: Using SQL based Logging

ISA Server 2004 Supports 3 Types of Logging. File based, Integrated MSDE or ODBC/SQL Server. The downsite of the Filebased and MSDE based solution is its limited capacity, the additional load to the ISA Server and the possible security risk. (You should store the logs of your ISA on a different and additionally secured machine…) […]

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Forum shutdown at

the good old Kyro II Forum at is still online, but the main page of redirects you immediately to this site. As an archive you can still access the forum here .

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Key features for a small business (dsl) router

Nowadays you can buy (DSL) Routers from Netgear, D-Link, Linksys and others at the supermarket. But what features do really count in a business environment? Here are my top list of features, which you can not read on the fancy cool looking packing at the supermarket. Note: This list of features is nothing special for […]

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