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Monad (now: Windows PowerShell) RC1 available

MS is developing a new shell for some time now. Microsoft changed the Name from MSH into Monad into the so incredible cool and unique buzzword “PowerShell”. Good work marketing guys! Especially the acronym “ps” is a really good idea… Ok, despite that stupid name, the PoSh is now available as RC1 for download. Its […]

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Backup Firebird Databases

Firebird, the FREE relational SQL database previously known as Interbase, is a solid and robust but not very commonly known database. That means its a bit more difficult to get things working. There is no huge community with hunderts of HowTos, Wikis, etc you can reefer to. I ve tried to get into Firebird Databases […]

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Managing digital photos

I was desperately looking for a way to manage my small photo collection. I ve got a few key requirements that the solution had to cover: Sync the Collection between my PC and my Notebook Tagging and Searching of the pictures on both systems (without any network connection) Website, Album and Slideshow creator (generator) Some […]

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Hello world!

Welcome to WordPress. This is your first post. Edit or delete it, then start blogging!

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