Firebird, the FREE relational SQL database previously known as Interbase, is a solid and robust but not very commonly known database. That means its a bit more difficult to get things working. There is no huge community with hunderts of HowTos, Wikis, etc you can reefer to.

I ve tried to get into Firebird Databases a year ago. I’ve tried to find information on howto setup a Firebird database in MS SQL Server as a “Linked Server” and didnt find any complete solution for this on the net. It took alot more time than i thought to set it up probably because of missing information from the community, but it gets better every day. The community is growing fast.
Today is my 2nd encounter with the Firebird-System. I need to setup a automated Backup. Google can clear things up for me:

There are to different backup Systems in Firebird:

nBackup included in Firebird 2.0 an up

and gBak included in Firebird since humm, good old Borland days back in 199x up to the (still in beta) Firebird 2.0.

When you dont want to struggle with the commandline switches of gbak, you can use the (very useful) GUI-Frontend for gbak developed and provided for free by Talat Dogan: FIBS Firebird-Interbase Backup Scheduler